Rating System

Bat Cake!Bat Cake!

Bat Cake!Bat Cake!Bat Cake!

Fantastic! If there were any flaws than they were vastly outweighed by sheer epic-ness. Will definitely be continuing the series (if it is one) or following the author further in their future endeavors.

Bat Cake!Bat Cake!Bat Cake!Bat Cake!

Noticeable flaws, albeit not many – but even so, can’t wait for the authors’ next book.

Bat Cake!Bat Cake!Bat Cake!

Wasn’t a waste of time, but it definitely has a long way to go. Author still shows great potential.

Bat Cake!Bat Cake!

The opposite of hate isn’t love – but indifference. In some ways, 2 Bat-Cakes are worse than 1. At least a book worthy of 1 Bat-Cake inspired an emotion, even if negative in nature.

Bat Cake!

Finished the book and I’ll never get those hours of my life back or even worse, couldn’t finish the book at all. Hate’s a strong word but it should be considered applicable here.


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